The Gender Pay Gap in Tech Report

Despite recent pushes for gender pay equality, issues persist in the tech industry. These gender pay gaps between men’s and women’s salaries exist even when other factors, including experience, roles, education and location are controlled for. Despite the past and continuing contributions that women make in technology, the tech industry isn’t leading in this particular arena. In short, there is much work to be done.

To help raise awareness about the gender pay gap and drive the discussion about salary equality, Dice analyzed three years’ worth of salary data (along with supplemental panel and market data) to discover the pay differences between men and women in technology. By putting real numbers on display, we can illuminate compensation inequality that transcends regions, states and occupations. These gaps are quite large; in some states, for instance, the pay differential between men and women exceeds $15,000.

With this data, we hope to foster more conversation around pay differentials and create change for the industry as a whole.

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