Finding And Hiring Diversity Executives For Your Company

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In the 1980s, diversity became a popular theme in movies and TV storylines, and perhaps this is why there is a resurgence of ’80s popular culture in shows like Stranger ThingsGlow and Pose. As new generations of talent begin to rise through management levels, diversity and inclusion has become a pivotal business best practice and tool for attracting and retaining talent. Candidates are often weighing more than just a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, benefits and reputation when making a career move.

As awareness surrounding diversity and inclusion grows, organizations will need to transform leadership teams and cultures to reflect changing social values. Companies that can’t keep up with this shift, or choose to ignore it, could be left behind. Emerging generations are taking inclusion to new levels, and a company can quickly suffer these consequences within a viral, social and hashtag-dominated society.

To accommodate this shift, companies are hiring and onboarding new leadership dedicated to cultivating diversity and inclusion. Traditionally, diversity and inclusion fell under human resources (HR). It still very much aligns with this department, but now has become its own special area of focus. The challenge many companies are facing is how to access this elite and hidden talent.

Finding And Hiring Diversity Talent

Internal talent acquisition teams are a great starting point for building a talent strategy, but when it comes to executive-level appointments, sometimes they are unprepared. Even your own experts need help finding talent that may be outside their reach, and this is where executive search can help. Executive search firms can offer objectivity for hiring strategies and access broader candidate pools.

Through years of specialization and expertise, executive search firms can strategically look beyond your direct competitors to identify rising leaders in other markets and bring these insights to your search. It’s important to look at several things when partnering with an executive search firm, especially when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Prior to engaging with a search firm, consider the following: (read more)

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