Tech In-House Lawyers Meet With Lawmaker on Diversity & Inclusion Efforts

Missouri Democratic Representative Emanuel Cleaver Interview

The innovation that comes with working in a technology company should also be used to find ways to promote diversity and inclusion in-house and with outside counsel, a Missouri congressman and the CEO of Diversity Lab said in interviews with Corporate Counsel following a panel earlier this week in Washington, D.C.

“Tech companies are built on innovation, problem-solving, risk-taking, nimbleness and the ability to fail fast and reboot,” Caren Ulrich Stacy, CEO of Diversity Lab, said. “They embrace these traits for software development and [artificial intelligence], so they should be able to do the same as they work to create and sustain diverse and inclusive workplaces.”

Diversity Lab has long challenged both in-house counsel and the firms they work with to find ways to be more inclusive in their hiring. First by creating the Mansfield Rule for law firms and earlier this year by launching the pilot program of the Mansfield Rule for in-house counsel.

The trend of diversity is spreading, and earlier this week Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Missouri, held a panel of in-house counsel from tech companies to learn more about what they do to foster diversity and inclusion. (read more)

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