WarnerMedia Diversity and Inclusion Interim Report Reveals Workforce Close To Gender Parity, Representation For People Of Color In Film & TV Needs Improvement


warner media

EXCLUSIVE: WarnerMedia released their first diversity and inclusion (D&I) interim report which covered the year of 2018 when it came to D&I in its corporate operations as well as the films, television series and digital content created by its various properties. The findings were quite surprising and sets a baseline for how to move forward when it comes to representation.


This report comes a year after WarnerMedia made a commitment to release a report which was part of the industry’s inaugural Production Diversity Policy which pledged to use their best efforts to ensure that diverse cast and crew be considered at the start of all new television, film and other projects. The report covers breaks down diversity and inclusion in three specific areas at the company: workforce, which includes workforce composition and employee resource groups; content in the realm of scripted TV, films, news as well as animation; and community which includes industry and local outreach partnerships and programs. This is the first studio to release such a report. (read more)

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