This year’s Apple event was more diverse than ever. But underrepresented minorities were still left out.

apple diversity.jpg

Usually, Apple’s events are heavily white and male.

This year, more women and people of color took the stage, limiting the tally of white men. But the more diverse lineup drew mixed reactions on social media. Some praised the company for its efforts. Others flagged the glaring absence of black presenters onstage.

“Is this the most diverse Apple keynote ever?,” tweeted Rakesh Agrawal, a product and marketing strategist. “A lot of women and minorities. (Though, sadly, no African Americans speaking — some in the ads.)”

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

Tech giants have long been criticized for a lack of diversity in their workforces, particularly when it comes to leadership positions. A tech industry that is homogeneous is dangerous, critics warn, in part because engineers in Silicon Valley and elsewhere are developing everything from AI assistants to robots. They say a lack of diversity could contribute to problems as new technology plays an ever-growing role in our lives. (read more)

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