FX Boss On Diversity Effort To Develop More Projects From Women and People of Color: “You Have To Care About It” – TCA

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During the executive session for FX at TCA, John Landgraf was presented with many questions, but when the question of diversity and inclusion of women in FX’s development pipeline came up from a very passionate TCA member, Landgraf presented some receipts in the form of graphs and charts to illustrate the progress of the network’s effort to include more women and people of color involved in their programming.

When it comes to FX’s diversity effort, Landgraf said that they have made the promise to present a report card of the progress at every TCA — and he points out that its a gradual process. “You have to care about it,” said Landgraf when it comes to diversity. “You have to value the idea; you have to care about who you’re hiring.” (read more)

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