PRESENTED BY PGA OF AMERICA: Growing Participation in Golf through Workforce Diversification

PGA diversity 1

For decades, efforts to grow the game of golf have fallen short of making a significant impact in underrepresented communities. Initial efforts made by the PGA of America were primarily focused on creating monthly, nationwide promotions designed to attract newcomers to PGA Professional-affiliated facilities, such as PGA Family Golf Month. While these programs were worthwhile in terms of giving consumers a taste of golf, something was missing. Namely, an ability to track these consumers and actively bridge them into the game.

“For many years, improving diversity in golf has been focused on player development programs,” said Sandy Cross, PGA of America Chief People Officer. “That wasn’t enough. Those programs are part of the solution, but we have come to understand that we need to work on changing the workforce as a key priority. It is a long journey, but raising awareness of the many careers available in the vast golf industry is the best path to improving diversity.” (read more)

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