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The TechConnect Summit, part of the National Urban League Annual Conference, is July 25-27 in the Indiana Convention Center. The event highlights innovations in technology and entertainment, with an emphasis on culture and modern professionals.

Each day of the free event has a theme — July 25: “Tech-Boom Thursday”; July 26: “Get Funded Friday”; and July 27: “Self-Care Saturday.” Tech-Boom Thursday features research into new concepts, while Get Funded Friday emphasizes networking Self-Care Saturday ‘s focus is on acquiring skills necessary for expanding personal business. “Demo Day,” a program that highlights social innovation product pitches with a chance to win $10,000 in cash and prizes, is also part of the summit.

Colby Tyner, the vice president of programming for Radio One, is the moderator for two interviews, one with Ray J and another with Anthony Hamilton. Tyner, who frequently attends National Urban League events, understands the importance technology plays in American businesses, particularly African American businesses.

“Tech is the hot term right now,” Tyner said, “Everything that we’re doing in the world right now revolves around tech, but African Americans aren’t always a part of what’s going on in the tech world. What we do is bring together all of these different, interesting people of color who are doing some amazing things in tech.”  (read more)

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