Kapor Center Awards $1 Million to Fund Diversity in Tech – Byte Back Awarded $100,000 in National Tech Done Right Challenge

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“We were thrilled with the number of strong applicants from all over the country for this timely challenge,” remarked Cedric Brown, Chief Foundation Officer at the Kapor Center. “We’re confident that these grants can propel the important work of these 10 organizations to the next level. Together we’re moving toward a tech sector that provides robust opportunities for previously untapped and overlooked talent.”

“Our economy has changed, and Byte Back is providing the training for individuals who have been left behind,” said Elizabeth Lindsey, executive director of Byte Back. “Thanks to the Tech Done Right Challenge and our partnership with the Kapor Center, we’re building a more equitable and inclusive tech sector. We’re thinking differently about diversity, and together we’re changing the face of tech.”

The Tech Done Right Challenge launched in March 2019 to galvanize cross-sector collaborations in cities across the U.S. to build diverse and inclusive tech ecosystems. A key requirement of the challenge is to find solutions that embrace innovation through prototypes, experimentation and iteration through public and private collaborations. The Tech Done Right Challenge is possible through the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The challenge asked organizations to answer: “What is your innovative solution to build a diverse and thriving inclusive tech ecosystem in your community?” 

Winning Organizations: 

The following are the winning organizations and their focus cities for implementing innovative solutions to diversify the technology industry:

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