How Pinterest’s Head of Inclusion And Diversity Is Sparking Change

Candace Morgan

Despite its efforts, Silicon Valley still has a major issue with diversity. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, more than 60 percent of the tech industry is white, those jarring statistics not only impacts workplace dynamics and culture but can shift the thought process surrounding a companies’ product and overall purpose. In July of 2016, Pinterest announced specific goals and programs to improve and enhance inclusiveness at the company. Since joining Pinterest as Head of Inclusion and Diversity at the beginning of 2016, Candice Morgan has made some major headway by curating impactful D&I programs such as Pinterest Apprenticeship, Knit Con, and working with Pinterest’s product team to create more inclusive beauty searches on the platform.

Prior to joining Pinterest, Morgan spent nearly 10 years at Catalyst, the leading nonprofit for research, advisory, and practices on women in business, where she was an expert in change management and organizational transformation. She holds a Master of Science in cross-cultural psychology from Brunel University in the United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Carnegie Mellon University. (read more)

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