De Blasio announces new diversity plans for NYC schools

DeBlasio diversity

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a major new push to tackle segregation and improve opportunity for disadvantaged students in city public schools on Monday, though some say he hasn’t gone far enough.

The Department of Education will adopt 62 of 67 proposals recommended by a diversity advisory group, including the implementation of a “culturally responsive” curriculum and targeting schools with poor students for special attention.

The city will add diversity and integration information into school quality reports and require all schools to monitor how they discipline students and develop plans to reduce disparities in how kids are penalized, officials said.

DOE will also establish pilot programs for “diversity targets” for school admissions based on the makeup of each school community. The city will create a “General Assembly” with reps from every high school to develop a student agenda and vote on issues. And the city will look at how Title I – the largest federal aid program for schools – impacts integration.  (read more)

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