Emphasizing Diversity To Remove The Possibility Of AI Bias In Healthcare

AI Healthcare Diversity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is sometimes heralded as a panacea, able to improve and automate technology in a way that will solve many of our social, business and wellness issues. But AI also has a well-documented diversity problem, one that can limit the potential of its usefulness or – worse – amplify the implicit biases that are present in our world today.

recent report from the AI Now Institute found that 80% of AI professors, 85% of AI research staff at Facebook, and 90% of those staffers at Google are male. Further, people of color make up only a small fraction of staff at major tech companies.

This shortfall in diversity can lead directly to shortcomings in the resulting technology. For example, Amazon recently ceased using an AI-powered tool for hiring that was unwittingly slanted against minorities. The more women and minorities on these AI research and development teams, the more powerful and robust the technology they will produce. (read more)

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