Adrianne Smith Leads Diversity Initiative At 2019 Cannes Lions Festival

Adrianne Smith

A series of interviews with creative and marketing innovators changing the business landscape at the 2019 Cannes Lions Creativity Festival: Adrianne C. Smith, Founder “Cannes Can: Diversity Collective” and Managing Partner, Vision Corps Media Group.

 Bruce Rogers: Tell us about the “Cannes “Can: Diversity Collective” and how it came together?

Adrianne Smith: I’ll answer that by going back a bit to help put this initiative into context. My background is in advertising and marketing. I started at Leo Burnett in Chicago many years ago where I worked on the Kellogg’s account. Once I left there I came to New York and started working in sales and advertising for a black-owned television syndication sales company which licensed movies from movie studios and then repackaged them with “wrap-arounds” featuring Hollywood icons Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee under the African Heritage Network. This was an opportunity for people who had not seen some of the old great black movies and other video content that were just sitting on studio shelves. It was also the birth of one of the most successful minority owned television syndication sales companies. (read more)

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