OSU’s chief diversity officer preaches diversity, inclusion during OSU-Lima visit

James Moore

LIMA — Diversity isn’t just about inclusion. It’s about enrollment, teaching and retention, Ohio State’s “chief diversity officer” said during a visit to the Lima campus Monday.

“It’s not just a social justice issue. It’s an economic imperative for the nation, based on the demographic changes and based on how the world is increasingly becoming flat,” said Dr. James L. Moore III, Ohio State University’s Chief Diversity Officer. “We can engage with other societies in ways we couldn’t before, and so because of that many of us are crossing borders, and we are coming in contact with communities and societies that we didn’t (before).”

Society is bringing in more people who are not like each other, some with different skin color or speaking different languages.

“Increasingly, not only are our local communities becoming more diverse and multilingual, they’re becoming global,” he said. “So it’s important that educational institutions take that into account because a public education is a public good, and it’s hard to engage our democracy without it. There are many studies that highlight that when we have diverse employees that productivity typically is stronger and more robust.”

The fight for diversity and inclusion is not a short-term goal despite the rhetoric of today’s politicians. (read more)


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