Sounds Like Marvel Studios Is Really Focusing On Diversity In Phase Four

marvel diversity push

A lot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fate in Phase 4 is unknown, past the fact that it will kick things off with Spider-Man: Far From Home. But there’s definitely some idea of what properties will make an appearance in the next stage of the evolution for the MCU, as confirmed by Avengers: Endgame producer Trinh Tran. While she was obviously vague about the specifics, the subject of diversity is the big focus for the next batch of films. In particular, Tran dropped the following hints:

All I can say is we have a ton of characters we haven’t explored, and I’d love to do them all. Especially given that with Captain Marvel’s success and the diversity that she brings with the female representation, and with Black Panther and that diversity, it would be great to get more of that out there. Because we have a lot of diverse characters in Marvel.

With both Captain Marvel and Black Panther raking in upwards of $1 billion in their theatrical releases, Marvel Studios has the track record to prove that audiences are definitely looking for better, more diverse representation at the multiplex. But on top of that marketable truth, the studio also has the properties to back up the current plans that Trinh Tran is hinting towards in Phase 4. (read more)

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