Google loses diversity chief amid unrest over workplace issues

danielle brown google.jpg

Google diversity chief Danielle Brown on Thursday said she’s leaving the search giant, as the company has dealt with several uprisings from employees over the last year related to workplace culture.

She will be replaced by Melonie Parker, who’s been serving as the company’s head of diversity, equity and inclusion. Brown, who spent almost two years at the company, said in a LinkedIn post that she’s headed to Gusto, a payroll and benefits startup based in Denver and San Francisco.

In her announcement, Brown doesn’t mention Google by name, but said she wanted to explore working on diversity issues at places other than the “biggest tech companies in the world.”

“What if, in addition to trying to solve for employee engagement and inclusion within the biggest tech companies in the world, we tried to solve those critical needs for every local storefront, every new startup just getting off the ground, or every doctor’s office across our communities?” she wrote.

Brown didn’t respond to a request for additional comment. (read more)

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