Daniel Dae Kim Wants to Stop Talking About Diversity—But Not Yet


In 2004, Daniel Dae Kim and his wife and two children moved to Honolulu for a month while he shot the pilot episode for Lost. He thought at the time that if the show got cancelled, at least he could say they lived in Hawaii for a month. That one month turned into two, and then three, and then a year, and then a few more. 15 years later, Kim and his family are still there.

“There’s this thing called the Aloha Spirit which is actually real,” Kim explained to me recently over the phone. “There’s a kindness to the people here that I hadn’t experienced in other places where I’ve lived.”

Although he still owns a home in Los Angeles and often travels for work, Hawaii is Kim’s home base. Growing up as a minority in a Pennsylvania steel town, Kim is comfortable now in a place with a robust Asian-American community. Diversity and representation is important to Kim, both in life and at work. (read more)

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