Google’s Annual Diversity Report Revealed Incremental Progress Across the Board

google report

Google released its annual diversity report, revealing modest gains by women, Black+ and Latinx+ groups in hiring in 2018 and overall representation in 2019.

The tech giant’s results mirrored those recently reported by other companies in the sector, such as FacebookTwitter and Pinterest: slow progress and acknowledgement of the need to do more.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion are business imperatives for Google. They improve outcomes for our employees, our products and our users,” vice president of employee engagement Danielle Brown and global director of diversity, equity and inclusion Melonie Parker said in the report’s introduction. “That’s why we are building on last year’s enhanced strategy, with clear lines of accountability for Google’s leaders. We are committed to a set of goals to increase workforce representation and to create a more inclusive culture.”

Women currently make up 31.6% of the tech giant’s global workforce, up from 30.9% in 2018. (read more)

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