Chevron Is Donating $5 Million Dollars To Help Men Champion Gender Diversity


In an effort to engage male leaders as champions for gender diversity, Chevron announced Tuesday that it has given $5 million to Catalyst, a nonprofit that advocates for women’s rights.

The multimillion dollar grant will support Catalyst’s Men Advocating Real Change program (MARC), which aims to turn male executives into powerful allies within an organization.

Women have always led the way in addressing gender diversity issues, but companies are increasingly turning their sights on men, who hold the vast majority of leadership positions among Fortune 500 companies.

Lorraine Hariton, president & CEO of Catalyst, says that most men have a sense of “fair play” and want to intentionally advocate for women within the workplace. But many simply don’t know how. “We need to provide them the tools to do that,” she says. (read more)

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