How one NPR host is changing the way we hear the news

Lulu Garcia

A thousand journalists lost their jobs in January.

The news of layoffs at BuzzFeed, HuffPost, Gannett newspapers, and elsewhere roiled the media industry. But job losses in journalism affect not just the reporters, editors, photographers, and producers who make the news, but also the people who consume it — and Lulu Garcia-Navarro, the host of NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday, has spent a lot of time thinking about both sides.

In a period of uncertainty for the media, Garcia-Navarro has emerged as an important commentator on both the economics of the industry and the importance of representing people whose stories have historically been ignored.

A longtime foreign correspondent who spent most of her career in the Middle East and Latin America, she took over Weekend Edition Sunday two years ago, and began trying to, as she puts it, “bring the outside in” — her goal is to put more people on the air who have direct experience with the issues she’s covering, whether that’s a Midwestern farmer or a recent immigrant from Nigeria. (read more)

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