Ohio Gov. DeWine’s cabinet, “diverse” and “strong,” sworn in and put to work


Governor Dewine diverse cabinet

The scene in the Rotunda of the Ohio Statehouse Tuesday morning looked like it could have been transplanted straight from the wedding of two large families. In some ways the reality of that analogy isn’t that far off.

Surrounded by his cabinet, Governor Mike DeWine, with his wife Fran by his side, smiled broadly as photographers snapped several pictures of the group.

It took several minutes to get to that point as the photographers and staffers put people into their places for the photo, switching one cabinet member several times before finding the perfect spot for her to stand.

DeWine joked later, the number of people in the picture rivaled that of his own family pictures, with all of the grandchildren.

Following the group photo was a series of individual photos with DeWine and the cabinet members posing for a ceremonial swearing-in, with their families present.

Well organized each cabinet member’s department was called up in alphabetical order.

After all the photo opportunities were finished the real work began and DeWine held his first cabinet meeting.

For weeks, those in political circles have marveled at DeWine’s choices for his cabinet; calling them diverse and strong. (read more)

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