Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar makes history by wearing hijab on the floor of the House of Representatives as rules are changed to allow religious head coverings – then is sworn in on the Koran #CHAMPIONSOFDIVERSITY

somali congresswoman

One of the first female Muslim members of Congress took her seat wearing the hijab on Thursday.

Democrat Ilhan Omar made history as she become one of the first two Muslim women to enter Congress – and did so with her head covered.

The 37-year-old who came to the U.S. as a refugee from Somali represents the fifth district of Minnesota, which includes all of Minneapolis and some of its suburbs.

Democrats were to formally end the ban on religious head coverings on the House floor on Thursday afternoon as part of a package of rules to govern the House. That package changes the ban on head coverings to exclude ‘non-religious headdress.’

That means Omar will be allowed to don her hijab when she’s on the House floor to vote and give speeches during normal sessions.

The Somali-American was later ceremonially sworn in on the Koran by Nancy Pelosi, while holding Islamic prayer beads. (read more)

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