Carly Fiorina: Real work on diversity will rise above Trump’s petty nastiness

Carly Fiorina diversity

When then-candidate Donald Trump made disparaging comments about my appearance, many were shocked. I was not. He was not the first man, nor will he be the last, to comment on my appearance — positively or negatively — in an attempt to diminish or distract from my ability to contribute and lead.

While any president’s diminishing and disrespectful words have impact, there are things we can each do that will have far greater importance. This is not to condone or set aside his comments — he was at it again on Twitter last week — nor is it to deny that words have real power, or that disrespect of others, for any reason, has real consequences. However, while we are understandably troubled by words, actions of substance always speak louder and last longer. (read more)

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