CultureCon Is The ‘Brave Space’ Creatives Of Color Need

Culture con 1

There are safe spaces, places where members of a marginalized group can come together to freely express their whole selves. And then there are brave spaces, places where a group can unapologetically do the aforementioned while fostering an environment for collective building, growth and solutions.

Imani Ellis founded The Creative Collective NYC to foster the latter.

“We call them brave spaces because we’re trying to move away from this place of fear and moving into this place of just being empowered,” Ellis, an entertainment publicist, told HuffPost. On her search for a space like this for young creatives, she realized that she was only looking up the professional ladder and not at the people around her. So she invited a group of friends to her Harlem apartment to connect and exchange resources and ideas in 2016. Apartment gatherings turned into monthly meetups as the CCNYC began hosting regular events for black and brown millennials to lean on their peers for professional support.

Now, in its second year, the collective is about to hold one of its largest events ever, the second annual CultureCon, a conference dedicated to shining a light on the importance of people of color empowering those around them. (read more)

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