Verizon Is Leading Through Diversity And Inclusion

Verizon Diversity

Inclusion and diversity are two of the industry’s top concerns and a focus of this year’s Women Now Master Class, presented by the Advertising Club of New York for women of diverse backgrounds at various levels of their career. The conference covered a range of topics, from elevating women to the C-suite, to men in the “Me Too” era, to the misunderstood millennial. All of these topics are at the forefront of an industry going through major transition. It’s not just technology that’s a force for change – employees are demanding new policies and practices that align with their own beliefs, and leading companies are heeding the call.

Change starts at the top and telecom giant Verizon is at the forefront. This company is much more than a wireless carrier- it has transformed into a content distribution powerhouse and a substantial competitor in AdTech. And while competition is good for consumers, the need to hire and retain top talent continues to be a challenge facing large and small companies alike.

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