As a man of color, he couldn’t find a razor he liked. So he created his own

Bevel shaving

Tristan Walker used to dread walking into a drugstore to shop for his shaving needs.

“Shaving irritation and razor bumps [are] issues some 80% of black men and women have globally,” said Walker. “If you have curly hair, this is an issue that you’re likely to face.”
The problem for Walker was that drugstores predominantly sold multi-blade razors, which aren’t ideal for removing coarse or curly hair and can often cause in-grown hairs.
So in 2013, Walker founded Walker & Company Brands, a startup focused on selling personal care products for people of color. “[My] company really started out of my frustrations of not having products that I could use,” he said. (read more)

JAY-Z Prompts American Arbitration Association To Admit Lack In Diversity

City of Hope Spirit Of Life Gala 2018 - Inside

 JAY-Z is allowing his legal battle with Iconix Brand Group to move forward after halting the proceedings over the lack of black arbitrators. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hov withdrew his motion to stop the arbitration after receiving a commitment to diversity from the American Arbitration Association.

“While the information AAA provided has confirmed that AAA lacks an appreciable number of minority (and particularly, African-American) arbitrators, AAA has indicated an openness both to an arbitrator selection process in this Arbitration that will allow for meaningful consideration of African-American arbitrators and to broader remedial measures intended to improve the diversity of the arbitrator roster for future arbitrations,” JAY-Z’s lawyers Alex Spiro wrote in a letter. (read more)

MLB diversity initiative takes stage at Meetings

MLB diversity initiatives

LAS VEGAS — Kedeem Octave arrived at his first Winter Meetings this week with eight job interviews already lined up. He doubted he would have been able to secure more than two on his own, but Octave credited Major League Baseball’s Diversity Pipeline Program and its senior director, Tyrone Brooks for helping him get his foot in the door.

“It’s helped tremendously the past few months,” Octave said Monday. “[Brooks] has definitely gotten my name out there more. … I feel like getting involved with the game and trying to move up within the game, you can’t do it by yourself. It’s just like anything else. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

In conjunction with the Winter Meetings, MLB hosted a variety of events and activities this past weekend designed to promote diversity and inclusion within the sport. That continued Monday with a pair of panel discussions launched by the new “Unfiltered Series” from MLB’s Diversity and Inclusion department. (read more)

Gender Diversity Is Urgently Needed Say Prominent Women In Technology

gender diversity women technology

Injustice against women persists in the application of new technologies. While our values and norms evolve, the old values remain locked into the internet. Gender-biased algorithms are becoming rampant. And these are not the only problems that women face with this male-dominated industry. As the battle for equality inside and outside the workplace continues, it is time to step up to the mark and make the changes needed to create social justice. If we are to become the equal society that we aspire to or pretend to be, then we need to ensure diversity in the workplace. (read more)

Joan Chen Talks Diversity in Hollywood, Welcomes #MeToo

NY Premiere of Netflix's "Marco Polo", New York, USA

Chinese-American actress, writer and director Joan Chen says that she was flattered when Time magazine described her as the “Elizabeth Taylor of China.”

When asked at an in-conversation event in Singapore on Saturday whether she paved the way for Chinese actresses to follow in Hollywood, Chen said, “We never go to work because we want to pave the way for other actors. We go to work because we are compelled to, we must, we love it and it feeds us.” (read more)

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