The role diversity anxiety can play in ‘living while black’ incidents: OPINION

living while black

Cornerstone Caroline” and “Pool Patrol Paula” have recently become viral memes showing white people who call the police to report a black person going about their daily life.

In concert with increasing racial and ethnic diversity in many communities — and the ability to record a video with a smartphone — the internet is giving the U.S. an education in what racial prejudice can look like.

White people are projected to make up less than half of the U.S. population by 2044, and sociologists and psychologists are debating the possible consequences that shift will have on race relations. It might bring us closer to Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream, but it does not seem to come without a few nightmares along the way. (read more)

Frank E. Petersen, First Black General in Marines, Dies at 83

Frank Petersen

Frank E. Petersen Jr., who suffered bruising racial indignities as a military enlistee in the 1950s and was even arrested at an officers’ club on suspicion of impersonating a lieutenant, but who endured to become the first black aviator and the first black general in the Marine Corps, died on Tuesday at his home in Stevensville, Md., near Annapolis. He was 83.

The cause was lung cancer, his wife, Alicia, said.

The son of a former sugar-cane plantation worker from St. Croix, the Virgin Islands, General Petersen grew up in Topeka, Kan., when schools were still segregated. He was told to retake a Navy entrance exam by a recruiter who suspected he had cheated the first time; steered to naval training as a mess steward because of his race; and ejected from a public bus while training in Florida for refusing to sit with the other black passengers in the back. (read more)

Jackie Joyner-Kersee talks on diversity & inclusion at opening reception

jackie joyner kersee

Retired track and field athlete and six-time Olympic medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee came back to her roots in the Metro East area to speak about what diversity and inclusion mean to her and the community. 

An opening reception for community stakeholders for Diversity Day took place on Monday in the Cougar Pavilion of the Lukas Annex to introduce SIUE’s new Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan and extend an invitation to the school’s Inaugural Diversity Day. (read more)

The CEOs of PayPal and SAP Say That Diversity Is Non-Negotiable

Dan Schulman Pay Pal CEO

Diversity and a clear expression of a corporation’s values are more important than ever, two leading tech CEO’s said the Fortune Global Forum on Tuesday.

While diversity, whether on a gender or ethnic or any other basis, gets a lot of press nowadays and stirs often contentious debate, it is a corporate imperative that also ultimately means better financial performance, they said. (read more)

Wickenheiser, Pegula reflect NHL’s trend toward diversity

Kim Pegula NHL Diversity

With a laugh, Kim Pegula’s competitive nature kicked in when the subject of the Toronto Maple Leafs hiring Hayley Wickenheiser was broached.

Impressed as the Sabres president was by the gender-breaking move in August, Pegula’s first reaction was wondering how Buffalo’s cross-border rival beat her to the punch in making Wickenheiser the NHL’s first woman to hold a hockey operations role as assistant director of player development.

“Darn it,” Pegula said, smiling. “I wish I would’ve done it first.” (read more)


Phoebe Robinson: There’s No Excuse For The Lack Of Diversity In Comedy

Phoebe Robinson

Phoebe Robinson has set out to change the demographics of comedy: “It’s a very white male, straight male-dominated industry — and that can be exhausting,” she says.

Two years ago, Robinson and her fellow comic Jessica Williams launched 2 Dope Queens — a live comedy show and podcast showcasing comedians from a variety of different backgrounds. The show is now a series of four HBO specials, with more in the works. She also hosts the spinoff podcast Sooo Many White Guys. (read more)

NASCAR announced the 12 drivers invited to compete for the 2019 Drive for Diversity program

Nascar diversity combine

NASCAR announced the 12 drivers invited to compete for the 2019 Drive for Diversity program on Monday. The dozen drivers have competed on three continents in a variety of racecars.

“The drivers invited to this year’s NASCAR Drive for Diversity Driver Development Combine represent a wide range of diverse backgrounds, both in terms of heritage and driving disciplines,” said Jusan Hamilton, NASCAR senior manager of racing operations and event management in a press release. “The combine has been tremendous in helping the NASCAR industry identify and develop top diverse talent and this year is no different.”

Rev Racing serves as the on-track partner for the Drive for Diversity program. Since the inception of the program, Rev Racing has earned 19 wins, 88 top fives and 186 top-10 finishes.

The combine will help set their lineup in 2019. (read more)

Lena Waithe gets real about diversity on TV, female creators and even politics

Lena Waith

Emmy winner, cultural icon and all-around brilliant artist, Lena Waithe, has never been one to sugarcoat anything.

The actress, who you’ve seen in “Master of None” and “Ready Player One,” not to mention a creator and writer on other projects like “The Chi,” has a rare blend of caring and understanding mixed with a realistic view of the world and where it needs to go.

Waithe sat down with “GMA” as a part of the Marriott #LoveTravels Beyond Barriers campaign, which focuses on inclusion, equality, peace, and human rights — something that really aligns well with her art and powerful message. (read more)

Thomas Reuters: The 10 Most Diverse Companies Of 2018

Forbes best diversity companies

Thomson Reuters recently came out with their 2018 Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Index. Their D&I Index examined company performance based on different factors that embody inclusive workplaces. Seven-thousand publicly traded companies were objectively evaluated on 24 metrics in four different components: diversity, inclusion, people development, and news controversy. The organizations rated the highest in all of the four domains were then analyzed. The top 10 companies on the D&I index are as follows: (read more)


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